Vacuum Trucks

J4 Fluid Services has a dedicated fleet of 130 and 160 barrel vacuum trucks designed to efficiently and cost-effectively transport liquid products to and from oilfield sites and remote locations and to disposal wells. Our fleet is available 24 hours a day and can be used in any situation where a standard tanker trailer would be employed.

vacuum truck rental for the eagleford shale region

Our vacuum trucks are equipped with high-pressure pumps that will tackle all of your vacuum needs effectively and consistently. Whether you are hauling in water to get the job started, pumping out brine, or beginning the fracturing process, J4 Fluid Services vacuum trucks are up to the task.

Our expertly designed controls keep operator efficiency and safety in mind to make sure every job goes smoothly.

Our professional drivers are trained in all aspects of removing and transporting such liquid materials ranging from chemicals to water and catering to your recovery and disposal requirements.

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